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Residency status consultation

Assessment of documentation i. a. passport / resident permit / work permit/ administration correspondence / others.

  • Assessment of resident purpose.
  • Consultation with an employer and candidate.
  • Assessment of resident situation and indication of possibilities of work legalization in current immigration law regulations.
Declaration of the intention to entrust a job to a foreigner
  • Submission of a complete application.
  • Obtaining the appropriate document.
  • Timely notification of the labor office.
Work permit type A / B / C / D / E
  • Preparation of a complete application with the necessary attachments.
  • Submission the application to the Voivode.
  • Supervision over the process from the moment of application to obtaining the document.
VISA (national visas, Schengen, Poland Business Harbour)
  • Completion of a visa application supporting documentation.
  • Purchase the appropriate insurance.
  • Consulate / visa center appointment booking.
  • Candidate preparation for a consul interview.
  • Contact with a consulate.
  • Preparation of an appeal against a negative decision / resubmission of the application.
Temporary resident permit / blue cards UE / permanent residence permit / longterm UE resident / others

Issued for a purpose of stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland, e.g. work / business / study / stay with family / others.

  • Assessment of the residence situation with a consultation for the purpose of stay.
  • Preparation a complete application in accordance with the purpose of the stay and the requirements of a given Voivode.
  • Consultation job conditions consultation (if necessary).
  • Appointment booking (if possible).
  • Application submission.
  • Correspondence supervision.
  • Supporting during administration appointments.
  • Current advisory from an application to obtaining resident permit.
Changes in employment
  • Assessment of the legal situation of a foreigner with consulting the correct implementation of the process of changing job position or employer depending on the basis of stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland.
  • Preparation of the necessary documentation, a. o. cover letter, termination notice.
  • Consultation with an employer and attachments preparation.
  • Preparation of an application for resident permit changing (if necessary).
  • Correspondence supervision.
  • Supporting during administration appointments.
  • Advisory services, audit of personal documentation of foreigners
  • Trainings
  • Posting foreigners abroad
  • Making stamp duties for the issuance of individual documents and powers of attorney.
  • Performing translations and notarial copies of required documents.


Comprehensive management from the moment of recruitment, by taking up an employment to termination of a contract. Process is made under the power of attorney.
Model of cooperation is determined by: diversity of positions, countries of origin and the organizational structure of the employer.

The subscription includes:


Assessment of foreigners personal documentation along with preparation of a database.


Consultation of the legality of the stay and the possibility of employing a candidate.


Preparation of a necessary documentation including: obtaining appropriate work permits, drafting formalities related to a change of employer, preparing of complete applications for residence permits.


Supervision of the correctness and timeliness of the legalization processes.


Representation in front of public administration.


Contact with employees.

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Monika Mocha
Monika Mocha
Zawodowo współpracuję z firmą RELOC - zdecydowanie polecam współpracę, zawsze otwarci na nowe sytuacje i problemy, znakomita komunikacja, szybka reakcja, problemy wytłumaczone od podstaw, wiedza i kompetencja! Pani Kasia - niezastąpiona! W imieniu wszystkich klientów, którym pomogliście - bardzo dziękuję 🙂
Pol Aze
Pol Aze
Jestem bardzo zadowolony. Bardzo dziękuje ze pomagaliście i uratowaliście mnie z trudnej sytuacji w Urzędzie Małopolskim w Krakowie. Wszystko się udało. Zdecydowanie polecam ponieważ jesteście najlepsza firma w całej Polsce. 🙂
Pradeep P
Pradeep P
It's really good and wonderful
Саша Іванов
Саша Іванов
Рекомендую. Дуже хороший спеціаліст 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 polecam Bardzo dobry specjalista
Reneé Pérez-Pérez
Reneé Pérez-Pérez
EN - After waiting a little over a year for the temporary residence card (doing the process myself), I contacted this company and they have been very helpful, especially the lawyer Katarzyna Wierzbicka-Kapias. I got my residence in a couple of months. Excellent service, professional and constant and clear communication is maintained between the lawyer and the client. In addition, the fact that the service is provided in English has been very helpful to me. It is a 100% recommended service!!!! ES - Después de esperar poco más de un año por la tarjeta de residencia temporal (haciendo el tramite por mi misma), contacte con esta compañía y ha sido de mucha ayuda, en especial la abogada Katarzyna Wierzbicka-Kapias. Obtuve mi residencia en un par de meses. Excelente servicio, profesional y se mantiene una comunicación constante y clara entre el abogado y el cliente. Además el hecho de que se preste servicio en ingles ha sido de mucha ayuda para mí. Es un servicio 100 % recomendable!!!!
Vugar Abdullayev
Vugar Abdullayev
Professional service) Better than expected. Kasia was very responsive and was valuing the customer. Thank you Kasia)
Madina Kaidarova
Madina Kaidarova
Fast and qualified service. It's a pleasure to work with this company. Firstly, there are working competent specialists which can answer all the questions and help to solve. All in understandably easy way and workers are speaking several languages which is making easy the process. Absolutely will contact with this company in future with legal-state documentation issues.
Fortune Asah
Fortune Asah
Definitely recommend RELOC!!!! Reliable service, detail explanation stage after stage and moreover they got customize offers - personal service assistant to suit your demands 🙂